Mikael Holst
Fredrik Nilsson
Sten Möller
Kim Widfors,

As an old fan and „guestbook-follower“ on your official webpage I just want to express my highest gratitude for your last and still recent musical masterpiece. Maybe you can even remember me, I have always written under the name „Oliver“ there. I have been a fan ever since I finally held the „Into The Enchanted Chamber“-Album in my hands; and also followed your website since then. I just wanted to say, even though you might hear this for the 999st time now; that I feel very bad about the band’s overall status as we as spectators can see it. Of course, it would be too nice to hear anything good; but if you indeed decided to quit, well; it does not lie in our hands. Maybe it is just fate ? It would be sad though, and believe me: if you will (re-)start again, I would support you in any way I can; also via my blog and here in the region I live. I managed to convince some people about the blazing effect of your album already, even after so many years they start to listen (as newcomers in the PowerMetal genre) and then buy it right away. There just needs to be some good promotion every now and then ! And today; with Youtube and so on… the fans are LONGING anyway, and new listeners would gather around, too… please, send us a sign of life, Timeless Miracle ! But even if you keep it the way it is, I will always remember you as what the bandname already describes… a timeless miracle. And, when it comes to miracles it is only comprehensable that they do not happen very often.

We here in germany are listenting to your album daily – and this is just the way it is. All I can say is, that we would love to bath in the warmth of the philosophical tunes of your band once again, finally ascending under the moonlight. I hope you do not feel bad about my (fake) cover artwork here, but I just wanted to show that the topic „Timeless Miracle“ is never going to be ceased here. It goes on and on and on – in all manners.

Greetings, Oliverdsw and many other german fans

p.s. here in Germany we call albums like Into The Enchanted Chamber „Dauerbrenner“ – albums one can listen to over and over again without getting tired. Even my wise Gandalf is proud of it:


19 Gedanken zu “Open Message To TIMELESS MIRACLE About UNDER THE MOONLIGHT

  1. Ryan 3 Jan 2013 / 01:58

    Im starting to get discouraged =/…does anyone have any news on timeless miracle? are they even still together? 😦

    Gefällt mir

    • Oliverdsw 5 Jan 2013 / 00:48

      Well, for now there seems to be nothing…
      I still hope that one day Mikael joins the discussion again and maybe posts a little song or so… like the complete version of a former demo… would prefer ‚Voices From The Past‘ over ‚Queen Of Egypt‘ though… 😉
      Hope dies last.

      Gefällt mir

  2. Andres 30 Sep 2012 / 16:12

    I{m a Colombian fan… also there is a lot of fans here waiting for the new album. I´ve listened a gazillion of times your songs, the ones that make me cry and the ones tha put a smile in my face.

    Come back with the new album please!!!!!!!

    Even if you never come to my country at least release the album.



    Gefällt mir

  3. Ryan 10 Apr 2011 / 22:15

    Timeless miracle’s got lots of fans in Canada too 🙂

    I’ve been listening to their album for about 6 months now, and i cannot stop listening to it.
    One night I listened to it before i went to bed, but could not fall asleep cause it was stuck in my head. XD
    They deserve alot more fans, and even more fame, their music is absolutely amazing.

    cannot wait for the new album 😀

    Gefällt mir

    • oliverdsw 11 Apr 2011 / 00:44

      Yeah, greetz to Canada ! It’s the best to listen to the album before going to sleep, since Timeless Miracle is something like an „image music band“ – they keep telling a story and the corresponding imagines result in one’s mind… at best in the night times or evening 😉

      Gefällt mir

      • Anonymous 13 Apr 2011 / 15:37

        Yes! Thank you!
        This was exactly the way we intended the lyrics to be perceived.

        Cheers guys and thanks for all the positive comments


        Gefällt 1 Person

  4. oliverdsw 20 Mrz 2011 / 02:19

    Can’t wait for the (real) return of the WEREWOLF !
    In the meantime listening to…

    Timeless Album

    Naturally 😉

    Gefällt mir

  5. oliverdsw 20 Mrz 2011 / 02:12

    Normally I would be scared of werewolves, but in this case… they awaken a certain desire. A DEEP desire… for good music ! 🙂

    I feel honoured, Frederik… greetings to you and your bandmates. I will see if can spread the word here so many more fellow german metalheads will know what’s going on !

    Cheers, Oliver

    Gefällt mir

  6. Anonymous 11 Mrz 2011 / 18:27

    Timeless here, just saying hello Mr Oliver =) We’re still around and we’re still working on the next album. Someone said, that someone said, „patience is a virtue“. Well… patience is a virtue 😉

    Regards /Fredrik

    Gefällt 1 Person

    • oliverdsw 12 Mrz 2011 / 01:09

      Oh, if you are the „true“ Fredrik indeed (always hard to tell in these realms), then I’ve to feel honoured… definitively !

      In any case: hail to a successful new album… ! And thanks for the message.

      / Power Metal Pride \

      Gefällt mir

      • Anonymous 18 Mrz 2011 / 21:36

        „the „true“ Fredrik“
        Is there any other? 😉

        Anyways, great hails back to you Mr Oliver. Me and my fellow bandmates says thanks for you interest and support=)

        (You know, the media’s talking ‚bout the moon beeing abnormally close these days…wonder if it’ll bring out the werewolves…THE REALLY REALLY BIG ONES!!! Aaaaaarrghhh!!!!) 🙂 )

        Gefällt 1 Person

  7. GPSnavigator 5 Jan 2011 / 22:55

    Here in Czech Republic there are many Timeless Miracle fans too, lots of them got pointed to the album by me, and they loved it at the first listen. I was watching your website for a long time and the sample of Voices from the Past made me check the website almost every day… I think lots of fans would like to know what is going on with the band.

    Gefällt mir

    • Nico 25 Jan 2011 / 22:42

      Tjaa , ich weiß leider auch nicht weiter !!
      Alles was man aus meiner Sicht machen kann , ist einen von denen bei Facebook adden ( die haben fast alle einen Account ) und sie anschreiben !! Ein Kumpel hats schon versucht bei Mikael , leider ohne erfolg -.- !!
      Vielleicht probiert ihr es ja mal 🙂 !!
      Hoffe da kommt noch was !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Gefällt mir

  8. christianbw 10 Nov 2010 / 23:15

    Guten Tag der Herr,
    das Cover sieht schon nicht schlecht aus, doch etwas zu viel des guten. Da wären die zwei Wölf, bowohl einer davon ein Werwolf ist würde einer reichen denke ich (Wolfsburg? ist mir so spontan eingefallen 😉 ), auch die zwei planeten, die denke ich den Mond darstellen sollen ist einer zu viel, aber wiederum wenn es einmal den Mond und die Erde darstellen soll passt es. Mit der Spinne hab ich zu kämpfen die sieht etwas komisch aus zum ganzen Bild, die seilt sich gerade vom Planeten ab oder was ist da los 🙂 (Spinne muss weg!) Album Tietel müsste etwas verschnörkelter ausfallen. Und unten mit den Köppen geht so, weil dem einen der halbe Kopf fehlt und der andere bekommt gerade Blitze in den Schädel geschossen 🙂 hmmm oder der bekommt gerade eine Erleuchtung vom Mond und kann deshalb kraftvoll seine Texte singen. Uhr ein must have auf dem Cover! nicht leicht das Ganze. So genug geschrieben, wir sehen uns und ich hoffe du konntest etwas mit der etwas andere Kritik etwas anfangen (etwas!). Hail Power Metal

    Gefällt mir

  9. oliverdsw 10 Nov 2010 / 03:44

    Jau Chrisbw, ich habe das Cover nocheinmal überarbeitet… danke für die Hinweise !

    Gefällt mir

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